Trust Pilot

In April 2020 trixski signed up with Trustpilot to ask customers to review our products and service .  You can see all our reviews HERE.   A short time after you buy from us, you will be asked to review trixski service and the product(s) you purchased.  We should be most grateful if you would take a few minutes to do this because we understand that feeling of uncertainty when buying from a new or unfamiliar business:

  • will my products arrive? 
  • will they just take my money and disappear? 
  • can they be trusted?

We've all been there and some of us have come unstuck.  Well, we believe in transparency and want to give our customers confidence to buy from us.  What better way than to see the experience of impartial customers with first hand experience of us?  Enjoy!

You can leave your own review of trixski by contacting: