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What reviewers said about the trixski Ski Carrier

Liz Stevenson, GB Ski Cross World Cup Team said:

"A really awesome product- it's been fantastic, and has actually been the subject of some mildly serious family conflict because my mum and dad fought over who should get to use it whenever we went skiing together. It also came in handy for me when I had some awkward three-pairs-of-skis journeys to make to and from hotels"

The Mummy Fever review:


See it here.

Truly Madly Kids wrote: 

"I’m often asked if it is a massive fuss to take kids skiing because of ‘all of the equipment’. In a word, YES. Invariably, you’ll end up carrying the equipment. 
This year, the lovely guys at @trixski2000 sent us a ski carrier. Honestly, it couldn’t be easier. You attach it to your skis, chuck it over you back and boom! The kids are carrying their own skis!" 

 Your Fertility Journey wrote:

"Thank you @trixski2000 your ski carriers are amazing! Bought two for my teenagers and entered a prize draw at the time. Unusually for me, I won a carrier and bought one for a friend too. Best purchase ever as makes the pain of carrying skis a breeze! Next year our ski party of 10 will all be proudly using them!"

What customers said about our products:

Kate Dillon, Harrogate: "We're away skiing at the moment so have used the carriers and the lights.  We're pleased with the carriers.  The triumph, though, is the lights...only tried them today because we had unfavourable conditions.  They were a godsend!   My daughter had ski school in a total whiteout and the instructor made her go at the front so the class could follow her and free him up to go at the back.  I don't know how high profile you've made them but I think most people (mums) would appreciate them especially with the bike converter"

Gordon, London: "Excellent product!  Used for wife’s skis and also for our toddler’s equipment.  Recommended" 

Jacob, aged 11, Wokingham: "A great way to carry skis – definitely recommended"

Sara, Chesham: "When I first saw the trixski (Ski Carrier) I could have cried with happiness!  The one thing I didn’t like about skiing has now been resolved"

Kirsty, Herts: "It works! I’ve bought many a ski product that has not worked well in practice but this one bucks the trend.  It makes life so easy especially when you have small children"