Our Story

From a one product dream to trixski Ski Accessories

I love skiing but, like many other skiers, I hate carrying skis and on some days it really takes the edge off the fun!  Years ago I solved the problem by making my own ski carrier.  As time went on, wherever I went skiing, so many other skiers, especially parents and older skiers, looked at me with curiosity, admiration and – yes – even envy. I was constantly asked where they could buy one.  It was clear that other people had the same problem as me and liked my solution.  

In 2017 a brilliant friend, with marketing expertise, and I combined our skills and together we formed trixski (my family all call me Trixie) and had the first batch of trixski Ski Carriers made. A simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-carry solution that takes all the hassle out of carrying skis/poles. Our first test was to launch at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show in October 2017 where feedback was overwhelming. Many of our customers asked what other products we do.  The challenge was then to find products that are good quality, innovative and make skiing more fun.

Fast forward to the ski season 19/20 when the trixski product range includes seven products that match that objective!  All the  trixski branded products are designed and commissioned by me, but I couldn't have got this far without my husband, Keith, who has become an essential member of  trixski in a range of roles, and Eric and his team at our great fulfilment house who deliver your orders on time.

Occasionally I love a product so much that we work in partnership with another like minded business – but I always have the same objective and that’s to enhance your skiing experience.

I hope trixski products help make your next ski holiday the most enjoyable yet and I’d love your feedback and photos, so join trixski on facebook or Instagram – or just email through the website - and share your experience.

Skiing is a lot more fun with trixski



Quality + Innovation = Fun!