Our Story

I love skiing but I hate carrying skis/poles so I made my own ski carrier.  Years later other skiers asked where they could buy it.  Seemingly other people had the same problem as me and liked my solution.  

In 2017 a brilliant friend and I combined our marketing and sales skills to form trixski (my family all call me Trixie).  We had the first batch of trixski Ski Carriers made. A simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-carry solution that takes all the hassle out of carrying skis/poles. Feedback was overwhelming at the Ski Show. After that the challenge was to to find other products that make it easy.

Fast forward to the ski season 20/21 when the trixski brand will include fifteen products that match that objective!  All the  trixski branded products are designed and/or sourced by me, but I couldn't have got this far without my husband, Keith, who has become an essential member of  trixski in a range of roles, and Eric and his team at our fulfilment house who not only deliver all your orders but are the first link in the chain to great customer service.  If you need more reassurance take a look at our customer reviews on Trust Pilot.

Occasionally we work in partnership with another business/charity – but I always have the same objective and that’s to enhance the whole skiing experience.

I hope trixski products help make your next ski holiday the most enjoyable yet and I’d love your feedback and photos, so join trixski on facebook or Instagram – or just email through the website - and share your experience.



Make it Easy - trixski Ski Accessories.