Our Story

We’re two keen skiers based in the UK, who know that exhilarating feeling when you put your skis on for the first time each season and launch into sheer bliss!

Whilst we are massive ski fans, like lots of skiers, we have always hated lugging our skis and poles around; on some days it really took the edge off the fun!

We soon realised we weren’t the only ones… when we went skiing with extended family we realised how painful the process was with the adults carrying three pairs of skis whilst trying to keep children safe.

We handmade our own ski carriers initially and wherever we went so many other skiers, especially parents and older skiers, looked at us with curiosity, admiration and – yes – even envy. We were just constantly asked where to get one.

That’s why we created the trixski ski carrier - a simple, easy to use, easy to carry solution that takes all the hassle out of carrying skis. Whether you are an experienced veteran skier, the hero who carries the whole family’s gear or simply someone who finds the whole carrying process a bind, we know you will love the trixski ski carrier.

It fits in seconds, is pocket-sized and even has snap tabs so you can remove it easily in gloves. We have made the trixski ski carrier robust so it should last season after season and it’s adjustable for all shapes and sizes!

We hope it helps make your next ski holiday the most enjoyable yet and we’d love your feedback, so join us on facebook or Instagram and let us know your experience.