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Whether you are in Austria, Aspen or St Anton there are a lot of ways to carry your skis, but the trixski carrier will definitely make it easier…

We talked to our customers to understand what you need in a ski carrier….. and you told us!

"Keep it simple – make it fit quickly so I can get to the lift or the slopes quicker!""Make it durable – let it last through a few seasons, there’s nothing more annoying than something breaking on first use.""Make it easy to put on – I don’t want to fiddle around spending time putting the carrier on – that defeats the purpose."

That’s why the trixski has been designed to be so super easy to fit – in fact you can fit it in seconds….


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Our Story

I love skiing but I've always hated carrying skis/poles.  After years of struggle I made myself a ski carrier.  Thereafter, other skiers asked where they could buy it. Seemingly other people had the same problem as me and liked my solution.  

In 2017 the time was right for a brilliant friend and I to combine our marketing and sales skills to form trixski (my family all call me Trixie).  We had the first batch of trixski Ski Carriers made. A simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-carry solution that takes all the hassle out of carrying skis/poles. Feedback was overwhelming at the Ski Show. After that the challenge was to to find other products that Make It Easy.