Q I don’t buy products via the internet, are trixski products available in retail shops?
A The trixski Ski Carrier is available through some independent retailers, a list of which is available on the trixski website. If you feel uncomfortable buying our other products through the website you can always contact us via email giving us a telephone number where we can contact you and we will take your order and payment over the phone.
Q Do I have to pay P&P when I buy your products online?
A If your items cost £25 or more we do not charge P&P. If your items cost less than £25 we charge a contribution towards P&P.  If you live outside the UK we will charge you the cost of P&P regardless of the value of your order.
Q My trixski product has developed a problem, what do I do?
A Send us a photo of the problem through our website and we will replace your item free of charge.
Q I ordered my product some time ago and have had no acknowledgement or the goods, what shall I do?
A Email us through the website giving us your name, email address and the order number. If you don’t have an acknowledgement or order number it could be that there was a problem with the order being placed and you will not have been charged. Either way, we will investigate your order via our system and advise you as to the best solution.
Q If there is a problem with my goods or I need to exchange something for any reason, is there a time limit from purchase?
 Normally in situations such as this we would expect you to contact us within 30 days of purchase.
Q How quickly will my goods be delivered?
A Goods are dispatched to UK destinations by second class mail, untracked.  So please allow plenty of time for your order to reach you, especially at busy times such as before Christmas, as once it has left our warehouse we are in the hands of Royal Mail.  If you have ordered from outside the UK, then you will be charged postage.  If you wish to pay for first class delivery to your country please make this clear in the "notes" on your order.



Q What colours does the trixski Ski Carrier come in?
A The trixski Ski Carrier comes in Red or Black. There are also Red or Black Extension Kits available.
Q Is the trixski Ski Carrier easy to fit?
A Yes, just fit, grab and go! Simply put your skis base-to-base, put your poles alongside, then wrap the hook and loop straps securely above and below the bindings, enclosing your skis and poles tightly together. Adjust the extendable strap to fit you comfortably and lift onto your shoulder or across your body, whichever suits you best.  There is an illustration of how to fit on our website.
Q When I have the trixski Ski Carrier on my shoulder won’t the ends of my skis and poles be liable to hit other people?
A When you use a trixski Ski Carrier, the skis are not carried horizontally, but vertically down the back, so your skis are much safer and you are less likely to harm others when there are a lot of people in a small space, on the ski bus or at busy times.
Q Will the trixski Ski Carrier fit round my Powder Skis?
A Skis vary so much in width. The black trixski Ski Carrier currently available will be suitable for your Powder Skis.
Q What do I do with the trixski Ski Carrier when I’m not using it?
A The trixski Ski Carrier is really compact to store when not in use. Simply close the hook and loop at one end, roll up the strap to the other end, wrap the open hook and loop around the rolled strap and slip in your pocket, bum bag or back pack.
Q What are the orange silicone pullers for?
A These help you open the hook and loop straps even with gloves on, meaning you don’t need to get cold hands while attaching/removing the carrier.
Q Can children use the trixski Ski Carrier?
A The shoulder strap is fully extendable, which means that if children are old enough to carry skis they could well find that they can use a trixski Ski Carrier when it is shortened to fit. We suggest usage from 3/4 upwards.  The same item will also fit a 2m tall person.
Q I’m an older skier and find my skis rather awkward, especially when I’m carrying a helmet, gloves etc. Won’t I find this just another thing to worry about?
A The trixski Ski Carrier has been designed specifically to make life easier for you to carry awkward skis and poles while having to carry other skiing equipment. Once fitted, your hands are free to carry all the other things you have to remember or indeed help others such as children.
Q I often find myself carrying skis for my partner or children, can the trixski Ski Carrier carry more than one pair of skis?
A The trixski Ski Carrier alone can carry only one pair of skis, but there is an optional extra called a “trixski Extension Kit” which is sold separately. This also has hook and loop ends and can be used to extend the straps on the trixski Ski Carrier to carry more than one pair of skis/poles. It attaches rather like the extension to an airline seat-belt.  Simply stagger the bindings of each pair of skis and attach the Velcro straps tightly around both pairs.
Q Can I use the trixski Ski Carrier when my skis are in the depository on the outside of a bubble lift?
A No, the trixski Ski Carrier should always be removed before placing your skis in the repository on the outside of a bubble lift as the skis may not sit securely and may be in danger of falling out. The trixski Ski Carrier can be left on when the skis/poles are taken inside the bubble lift.
Q Can I use the trixski Ski Carrier to carry other sporting equipment?
A The trixski Ski Carrier is designed specifically for the carriage of downhill/cross country skis and not for the transportation of other items. If you do carry other sporting goods or equipment with it, we cannot take responsibility for any issues that may occur as a result and you do so at your own risk.


Q I bought a trixski Ski Helmet Cover. Is it possible to buy spare or replacement pom poms in other colours?
A We do have pom poms in other colours. Check on the website for availability.
Q Will the trixski Ski Helmet Cover fit all sizes of helmet?
A The trixski Ski Helmet Cover fits most adult helmets. It is not suitable for helmets which have a built in visor.

trixski SKI SOCKS

Q I have very small/large feet. Will the trixski Ski Socks fit me?
A The trixski Ski Socks come in three sizes: Small (3-5.5/36-39), Medium (6-8.5/39-43) and Large (9-11/43-45). If you are at the lowest size in the range you may find the next size down will be fine, if you are at the top end of the range you may find the higher size would be best.
Q I’m allergic to wool. Will the socks be OK for me?
A The trixski Ski Socks have 35% Merino wool. If you are allergic to merino wool it may well be that you will be allergic to the trixski Ski Socks too.
Q Can I wash my trixski Ski Socks in the washing machine?
A There are full washing instructions on our website on the trixski Ski Sock page.


Q Will the trixski GogShield fit all ski goggles?
A The trixski GogShield should fit most standard ski goggles?  It does not fit the visor on a helmet where the visor is built in.


Q Are both of these locks suitable for all skis and snowboards?
A Z locks are antitheft devices suitable for snow boards and cross country skis.  Downhill carver and powder skis are too wide to secure the skis to most fixed objects on the mountain.  They are also suitable for other items where you need a deterrent from thieves e,g. cycles, scooters, laptops, luggage etc providing there is a suitable fixed object to which you can attach the lock and your item.


Q How will I know if the FX will fit my skis?
A The FX lock comes with 1m of wire which retracts so it should fit up to two pairs of skis at the same time and still go round the ski rack.
Q What colours are available for the FX?
A The FX Lock comes in: Lime, Red and Blue


Q Will my Ski Boot Butler fit all ski boot clips?
A The Ski Boot Butler will fit most types of universal boot clips


Q Are the neck warmers unisex?
A The neck warmers can be worn by everyone but some customers may prefer one design to another.  They are designed for adults rather than children.
Q What are the neck warmers made of?
A Acrylic fibre with an acrylic fleece lining

trixski POM POM HATS

Q  What are the trixski Pom Pom Hats made of?

A  Most of our hats are made from acrylic wool with/without a lurex sparkly thread.  A small number are made from a wool/silk blend.

Q What size are the hats?

A They are mostly one size but may vary depending on the style chosen.  When purchasing online please specify in the notes on  your order if you have a particularly small/large head or very thick hair.

trixski NECK WRAPS

Q What size are these?

A They are all one size and more suited to adults than children