Q. Is the trixski easy to fit? 

A. Yes, just fit, grab and go! Simply put your skis base-to-base, put your poles alongside, then wrap the hook and loop straps securely above and below the bindings, enclosing your skis and poles tightly together. Adjust the extendable strap to fit you comfortably and lift onto your shoulder or across your body, whichever suits you best. 

Q. When I have the trixski on my shoulder won’t the ends of my skis and poles be liable to hit other people? 

A. When you use a trixski carrier, the skis are not carried horizontally, but vertically down the back, so your skis are much safer and you are less likely to harm others when there are a lot of people in a small space, on the ski bus or at busy times. 

Q. What do I do with the trixski carrier when I’m not using it? 

A. The trixski is really compact to store when not in use. Simply close the hook and loop at one end, roll up the strap to the other end, wrap the open hook and loop around the rolled strap and slip in your pocket, bum bag or back pack. 

Q. What are the orange snap tabs for? 

A. These help you open the hook and loop straps even with gloves on, meaning you don’t need to get cold hands while attaching/removing the carrier. 

Q. Can children use the trixski? 

A. The shoulder strap is fully extendable, which means that if children are old enough to carry skis they could well find that they can use a trixski carrier when it is shortened to fit. 

Q. I’m an older skier and find my skis rather awkward, especially when I’m carrying a helmet, gloves etc. Won’t I find this just another thing to worry about? 

A. The trixski has been designed specifically to make life easier to carry awkward skis and poles while having to carry other skiing equipment. Once fitted, your hands are free to carry all the other things you have to remember or indeed help others such as children. 

Q. I often find myself carrying skis for my partner or children, can the trixski carry more than one pair of skis? 

A. The trixski alone can carry only one pair of skis, but the trixski has an optional extra called a “trixski extension” which is sold separately. This also has hook and loop ends and can be used to extend the straps on the trixski to carry more than one pair of skis. Attach rather like the extension to an airline seat-belt. 

Q. Can I use the trixski when my skis are in the repository on the outside of a bubble lift? 

A. No, the trixski should always be removed before placing your skis in the repository of a bubble lift as the skis may not sit securely and may be in danger of falling out. 

Q. Can I use the trixski to carry other sporting equipment? 

A. The trixski is designed specifically for the carriage of downhill/cross country skis and not for the transportation of other items. 

Q. There is no shoulder pad on the strap. Won’t it dig into my shoulder? 

A. Unlike some shoulder straps, the trixski shoulder strap is a full 50mm wide so the load is spread over a much wider area on the shoulder or over the body making it comfortable and sturdy when in use.

Q. When my trixski arrived there was a problem with it, what do I do to get a new one?

A. You will find the instructions on what to do under “Returns” in the  Terms and Conditions on our website.  If there is a problem we will replace it.

Q. I don’t live in the UK, can I still buy a trixski?

A. Yes you can still buy a trixski. Postage is not included in the price.

Q. Can I use a trixski Ski Carrier with a snowboard?

A. Yes. All you need is the trixski Snowboard Pack.