trixski LED Helmet Light on the back of a ski helmet

We love customer feedback

As you know trixski is a small but growing ski accesories business, so every product we introduce is a risk.  The trixski LED Ski Helmet Light is a case in point.  The initial consignment had a design fault and wasn't fit for purpose.  Some time later a replacement was found and compromises made on the packaging just in case we had a repeat experience.  We launched in September 2019.  Gradually sales gathered momentum and enthusiastic feedback from show customers grew.  Some people said "genius" and others said "great idea" but it wasn't until we received this terrific feedback that we knew our instincts were sound.  Read on: 

"We're away skiing at the moment so have used the carriers and the lights.  We're pleased with the carriers.  The triumph, though, is the lights...only tried them today because we had unfavourable conditions.  They were a godsend!   My daughter had ski school in a total whiteout and the instructor made her go at the front so the class could follow her and free him up to go at the back.  I don't know how high profile you've made them but I think most people (mums) would appreciate them especially with the bike converter"

Kate Dillon, Harrogate

Kate, we can't thank you enough for this feedback and to everyone else out there, don't knock it until you've tried it!

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