Male skier in a car park struggling to carry skis, poles, boots etc for the whole family

Tired of lugging your ski gear around? You are not alone....

Skiers love.... well skiing of course... but unfortunately there are a few annoying things about skiing which seem unavoidable!.

We love this article which details the 23 things skiers really hate about skiing - why 23? we have no idea. A bit random.

Coming in at number two! Carrying all your gear around of course! Skiers love skiing. They don’t love carrying their gear about. Snowboarders of course, only have to carry around one thing (their board). Skiers, on the other hand, have to transport four things (two skis and two poles). Stuff. Stuff. Stuff. Stuff everywhere. Too much stuff.

That's why we created the trixski Ski Carrier - give it a go, it may change your skiing pleasure forever!

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