NEW from Sept 23: Collaboration with PANDA Optics

trixski is delighted to announce that from September 23 we will be selling a beautiful range of sunglasses and goggles from the award winning PANDA Optics.  PANDA Optics is a leading British sports eyewear brand, with a focus on snow-sports and cycling. Enhancing vision, comfort and safety through the latest optical technology and innovation. Their eyewear is unique in that it there is never lens compromise with price difference. All their ski goggles come with the same UV400+ polarised lens AND a free low light lens so you're ready for any conditions the mountains throw at you. Their sunglass lenses vary depending on their intended function.  These lovely products will be available at shows and online.

 Ski commentator and Olympic champion wears PANDA Optics Goggles while interviewing at a ski event





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