Let's Get up Close and Personal

Being a sole trader with only my husband to help me with the running of trixski, it's really easy at times to lose sight of you lovely people out there who buy trixski products. I say at times because all my time between September and December, I'm actually out there meeting as many of you as possible at shows. From February onwards, I'm designing and/or sourcing products that you'll like, so you are very much uppermost in my mind then. However, because my main means of being in touch with you in the summer is online, and I don't like to bombard you on social media, I do feel we lose touch a bit.

So I'd like to address that during this period of lock-down due to the Covid-19 virus. Two new products - that I hope you'll love - are winging their way to my warehouse for the 20/21 season, so now there's time to concentrate on building the relationship we have - after all you have been very kind in buying my products. I'd really like to get to know who you are, what you like, where you go skiing, who you go with, where you plan to go next season, or anything that you'd like to share with me and others who are in the trixski community. Probably the best way to do that is by Facebook. Here's the link:  https://www.facebook.com/trixski2020

I'll get the ball rolling by saying that I was lucky enough to go skiing three times in 2020. Canazei in the Dolomites, with my niece, in January, was beautiful and we had a great time. In February I was in Slovenia, at a lovely retreat, on a yoga/ski holiday. I haven't been to Slovenia for decades so it was great to return and actually ski (the company I went with previously went bust while I was out there, so I didn't learn to ski for another 12 years after that). Then on the 1st March I ventured to Livigno in Northern Italy with a group of friends - and my non-skiing husband joined us. We had wonderful conditions but the Covid-19 virus was already advancing at a fast pace and two days after we returned everything on the mountains shut down. My heart goes out to everyone who works in the resorts and on the mountains because not only do they have the threat of the virus, but also the prospect of no work for months to come.

So let's try to lift the mood in these dark times and meet up on our Facebook page. Hopefully, if we all adhere to the guidelines, we'll get through this very soon and come out of the other side with a new ski season very much on the horizon. After all we all need things to look forward to!

Best wishes

Tricia at trixski

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