Great News for you following our major success at the Ski Show

Our feet haven’t touched the ground since the Telegraph Ski Show at the end of October. trixski was a major success with fantastic feedback from a wide range of visitors to our chalet.   Firstly thank you to all you lovely skiers who bought trixskis for themselves, friends and family. The perfect Christmas gift for skiers who think they have everything!

So what made it so good for us? Well SkiTV chose trixski to feature in a brilliant 2.5 minute free video because they were so impressed with our story, the product and how it will change lugging skis from downright arduous to a breeze. See the video on our website or Youtube.  We love it because it shows all those of you who sadly couldn’t come to the show what a great atmosphere there was and how everyone who worked on and visited our stand had such fun as well as seeing trixski for the first time and realising what a super, easy product it is. Seeing a light go on with so many people who were initially sceptical about needing any ski carrier was hugely rewarding.  When you see the video you’ll have that illuminating moment too!

We also had the good fortune to meet some of the GB Skicross World Cup Team who loved the trixski and added to our many glowing testimonials. So if they loved it you will too!  I promise you no money changed hands!

We had Kirsty Muir a champion junior skier telling everyone how great the trixski is, in between competing in two locations at the Show. What a star!

Six lucky winners in our daily prize draws won trixskis to ease the burden on their next holiday.

Finally we want to share a secret with you: we are hoping trixski will be featured in the Daily Express business section very soon. A lovely reporter visited our stand at the end of Press Day and, despite the rain, was blown away by how trixski came about, how we realised a long held dream to bring trixski to the market, how my sister made the prototypes and how we had so many friends and family on our stand sharing in the buzz.

We will leave you with just a few of the comments from testimonials given at the Show. If you were in any doubt about using a trixski before, these should convince you to treat yourself.  We will also be at the Telegraph Ski and Board Show in October 2018.

“This is brilliant and it immediately caught my eye at the Ski Show”

“Genius idea!”

“Absolutely the best invention in skiing! I love it!”

“I wish I’d had this years ago!”

“An amazing idea. Try it, you won’t believe it!”

“This is the best product in the show”

“A really awesome product…… As someone who lugs gear around all day, it’s a delight to find a product that makes my life easier. Would definitely recommend” Liz Stevenson, GB Skicross World Cup Team.

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